New Wikiwood Secondary School has just founded their own Curling team!They have 9 players but are recruting to get 10 members. The team joined their first ever tournament this Thursday, They eneded up on a fourth place but out of twenty teams that is a really good position. The team is named Wikiwood Curling Team.

They have planned for a long time to join the school league, Which contains 16 Curling teams. There players are, Hans-Olav, Trond Espen, Tage, Sindre, Arild and they have 4 Girls, Tonje, Line, Elise and karianne. The idea of making this team came from the student who play on the team, They joined this school and wanted to make a Curling team.

This is the curling team flickr:2275170489
From top left to right: Tonje, Hans-Olav, Line, Trond-Espen, Elise and Karianne.
From bottom left to right: Tage, Sindre and Arild.