Mr Khàn


My name is Àchmêd Ali Khàn. I was born in Uzbekistan but was adopted to London, England in 1983.
I'm here to tell you about myself and what I do for living and also some of my hobbies.

Well, first off, my work.
Well, I have allways been into computers and madia so I went to a computerschool in my younger days and gratuated 9 years ago and now I'm working as a website designer. By the way here is my homepage: WWW.NoBrain.DK.

Some of my hobbies: Ive always loved to paint. Painting is a big part of my life. Here are some of my best paintingsflickr:2584660838

And I am a very big fan of Ping-pong and and play pingpong allmost every hours a day.

And last off i love being on the