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Billy Talent

Here is the song Pins and Needles


Here a picture of Ben Kowalewicz

Here you have an photo vere you have on ef the band members. Billy Talent are an canadian rock band. The band are form Torronto. The band members are Ben Kowalewicz, Jon Gallant and Aaron Solowoniuk. The band have three members and started play together in 1993 and are still playing. The band have been giving out four albums and have many good songs.

The first album is Watoosh, this is not the most known album because this was early and the band was new. The album have 12 tracks where i think the best song are Fairytale. This album was giving out in 1998. When this album was giving out tha band were called Pezz. The band change name in 2003.

The second album was called Billy Talent, this also have 12 tracks. On this album there are many good songs like, Try Honesty, The Ex and River Bellow. This is one of the best albums from Billy Talent. The album was give out in 2003.

The third album is Billy Talent II. This are also an very good album and i thin tis is the best album. On this album are songs like Red Flag, Fallen Leaves, Surrender and Sympathy. This album vas given out in 2006.

The last album are Billy Talent III. This is not the best album, but have some good songs like Rusted From The Rain, Devil on my shoulder. This was given out in 2009, so it is very new. They also have many singels.