Music 4(Metallica)

!!Metallica is back!!
The big band is back! After one year and two months, Metallica just had their first live consert in LA, 03.01.11. The crowd were approximately 40,000. The consert was "of the hook". They played all the top 10 songs… Diceroll of the consert was 6.

Next week 08.01.11, they will be playing live in Oslo Spectrum.

This is the song we rated to diceroll 6. The song name is Fade to Black. And this is probably one of the songs they'll will be playing!
The ticket is assumed to cost approx 2000 norwegian crowns. But i'll think it's worth the money.

It is "room" for 30,000 people in Oslo spectrum, we have sold 24,740 ticets in one day. We asum the ticets ill be gone in a couple of days, so run and buy.

For those who doesn't know so much about Metallica, the members are James Hetfield(rythym guitar), Kirk Hammett(solo guitar), Robert trujillo(bass), Lars Ulrich(drums).

Metallica were founded in 1981. Originaly they are from Los Angeles, California. The music genrĂȘ they are playing are Thrash metal, heavy metal, hard rock, and speed metal.

They have won the "worlds best band on planet" award, three times, 2003, 2004, and 2005. They also got the award for the worlds best album. The album were named "Death Magnetic".